The school aims at following a child centered educational philosophy focusing at the age old vedic paradigm of learning by doing or self experience and exploration. The school is to get affiliated to the CBSE New Delhi and hence will follow the curriculum framed by CBSE and the NCERT. based on environmental relevance.

The Scholastic aspects will be judged for the subjects as under :

  • Primary : English, Hindi, Maths, EVS, Comp. Science & G.K.

  • Middle : English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science.

  • Secondary : English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science.

  • Sr. Secondary : Science, Commerce and Humanities stream.

Non Scholastic attributes would be judged through continual assessment in sports, Yoga, Art, Craft, Dance, Music, Home Science and Theatre. Besides our curriculum will also focus on environmental relevance.

Primary School

Kindergarten to Standard V :
Subjects taught at the primary school level include English, Arithmetic, General Awareness, Hindi and Moral Science. All languages are taught with a balanced emphasis on both the written as well as the spoken aspects. "General Awareness" is a combination of Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge, and encompasses what we believe a child should be aware of at every age. We have formulated our own syllabus for General Awareness with an emphasis on activity-based learning. The activities include the use of audio-visual aids, art, craft work, map work, experiments, field trips, projects and group discussions. These activities are followed by extensive written work.

Computers :
All students, (starting at the kindergarten level) have practical lessons on the computer. The aim is to ensure that by the time the child graduates from the primary section, they will have a working knowledge of word processing, multimedia and simple graphics. All exercises on the computer are correlated with the lessons taught in class in order to enhance the children's understanding of the various subjects.

Homework and Tuition :
It is the policy of the School that all work should be completed in school at the primary level. At the end of every day, one period is assigned where revision work is completed under the supervision of the class teachers. Students who need extra tutorials are coached free of cost. After school hours, all children are encouraged to spend their free time reading and improving their language skills.

Assessment :
No formal tests are conducted for the primary section. After every topic a review is done, and the performance of the student is noted. The aim is to ensure that the students have understood the course work and do not resort to rote learning. Thus, the students are continuously assessed and all subject teachers give a detailed report at the end of every term. The class teacher, head of the junior section and the headmaster continuously monitor each child's performance. Commendations are issued on a weekly basis to encourage the children to excel in academics. Certificates and medals are awarded at the end of the year to the most promising students.

Middle School

Kindergarten to Standard V :
Classes VI, VII & VIII :
Subjects taught at the middle school level include English, Arithmetic, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography, Moral Science, General Knowledge, Computer Science, Hindi and Computers.

Computers :
Apart from the theory covered in the computer science portions, students are given extensive practical training. This includes a more rigorous understanding of spreadsheets, database management, graphics, internet and basic programming. Several projects are also assigned by subject teachers, which have to be completed using the computer.

Homework and Tuition :
At the middle school level, homework is assigned on a daily basis. However, it is targeted and there is a specific timetable to ensure that the child is not over burdened. Students who need extra tutorials are coached on Saturdays free of cost. All students are given projects in addition to the regular class work to enhance their understanding of various subjects.

Assessment :
Formal tests are conducted for each subject. The Principal and teachers constantly monitor the performance of each child. A detailed report is given at the end of every term. The class teacher, head of the junior section and the principal continuously monitor each child's performance.


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