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WGA in Najibabad has been invited on account of commitment of Late Shri Ram Gopal Walia to the residents of city for providing quality education at an affordable fee to every child eliminating the effects of poverty, racism, religion and other conditions and other forms of discrimination that plague our system. Our school assures  that their future shall not be put to risk under any circumstances and equal responsibility shall be provided without any distinction.


1. Mr. R.K. Walia (Philanthropist and Industrialist)
2. Mr. K.K. Walia
3. Prof. D.V. Sharma (Gen. Sec. C.B.S.E.)
4. Mr. Pooran Chand (Retd. Add. Commissioner K.V. Sangathan)
5. Mr. B.B. Gakhar (Former Chairman Haryana Education Board)
6. Dr. Balbir Singh (Retd. Dean, D. University)
7. Sh. Ram Saran Gupta (Prof. Physics I.G.O. University)
8. Mr. B.N. Mahrotra (Full bright foundation of Scholars USA)
9. Mr. S.K. Gangal (Retd. Education Officer, C.B.S.E. Delhi)
10. Mr. Janardan Gupta (Retd. Engineer Sec. VIBGYOR)
11. Dr. Geeta Diwan (Educationist)
12. Mr. Virendra Srivastav

Call for Enquiry : +91-9756200750 Email : waliaglobalacademy.nbd@gmail.com

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